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Get Amazing Deals, Coupons, and Offers When Shopping at DFDS

Get great deals and coupons for DFDS and earn cash back while you shop. Use our Chrome Extension to always get the best financial offers and rewards.

Coupons, Cashbacks & Promo Codes

4.55% OFF

Cashback 1

Klaipeda – Karlsham ferry crossing 1011l691196

4.55% OFF

Cashback 2

Newcastle - Amsterdam Mini Cruise 1100l692282

4.55% OFF

Cashback 3

Kopenhagen Oslo MiniCruise 1100l692278

2.6% OFF

Cashback 4

Newcastle - Amsterdam ​ferry crossing 1100l692279

4.55% OFF

Cashback 5

Dover - Dunkirk or Calais ferry crossing 1101l815307

Coupons, Cashbacks & Promo Codes

4.55% OFF

Cashback 6

EC Short Breaks 1100l830153

4.55% OFF

Cashback 7

default 1101l628907

4.55% OFF

Cashback 8

Klaipeda – Kiel ferry crossing 1101l689863

4.55% OFF

Cashback 9

Football VIP Segment A-N 1011l708907

6.5% OFF

Cashback 10

Oslo – Frederikshavn – Copenhagen ferry crossing 1011l691197

4.55% OFF

Cashback 11

Kopenhagen to Oslo Ferry Crossing 1100l692285

4.55% OFF

Cashback 12

Newhaven - Dieppe ferry crossing 1100l692299

4.55% OFF

Cashback 13

Paldiski – Kapellskar ferry crossing 1011l691195

4.55% OFF

Cashback 14

Oslo – Frederikshavn – Copenhagen MiniCruise 1101l689868

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