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Clarks Botanicals

The story of Clark's Botanicals is an inspiring one. The cosmetics brand came to be after founder Francesco Clark found himself paralyzed and dealing with frustrating skin conditions after an accident. Plagued by rosacea, dry skin and breakouts, he turned to his father — a doctor specializing in homeopathy — for solutions. Together, they developed Jasmine Absolute, a proprietary anti-inflammatory ingredient that has become the core of every product the company creates. Long-known for its anti-aging products, Clark's Botanicals recently overhauled its entire product line. While there have been many big changes, they’ve all been for the better. Today, the brand’s products no longer contain any harmful ingredients, including artificial fragrances, petroleum and silicone. In addition to being safer, the face cleansers, moisturizers and treatments are also more eco-friendly. They’re never tested on animals, and plastic jars have been replaced with glass for longer life and easier recycling. Supplemental packaging has also been reduced for less waste and more efficient transport. So while you may notice some creams and cleansers smell different due to the introduction of essential oils and some lotions feel thinner due to natural emulsifiers rather than chemicals, every product is still produced to the highest quality standards. Ready to banish dry skin, reverse the skins of aging, or enjoy the deepest clean? Use a Clark's Botanicals coupon code and find your new favorite.

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