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AeroGarden designs and builds indoor aeroponic growing systems you can use to provide your family with fresh herbs and produce all year long. The company has developed patented nutrients free from pesticides and herbicides, so you can be sure your homegrown produce is as safe as it is fresh. The company makes the nutrients from mineral salts that provide all of the vitamins and minerals that the plants need to flourish. The company offers 12 indoor garden models, over 30 types of seed kits and over 500,000 customers are happily gardening in their homes year-round. AeroGrow founder, Michael Bissonnette, was moved by the healthful benefits brought out by gardening but knew that the advantages didn't extend into the winter. He wanted to help people grow fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables all year round for physical and emotional benefits. He gathered a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, and AeroGarden was born. It took four years, many prototypes and hundreds of seed evaluations to bring the first garden to market, but the company has been awed by the market response. It boasts a creative work environment that values the innovative spirit from which the founders started. Build your indoor garden for less with AeroGarden promo codes.

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