Paperclip vs. Amazon Shopper Panel: What’s the Difference?

Amazon Shopper Panel is an opt-in program that allows users to slowly accrue rewards they can put toward Amazon purchases. While it’s always great to earn rewards, there are much better alternatives to Amazon Shopper Panel. One of the most common alternatives to Amazon Shopper Panel is Paperclip. Paperclip allows you to get coupons and rewards without having to jump through the same hoops that you have to jump through with Amazon Shopper Panel. Read on to learn why Paperclip is better than Amazon Shopper Panel or click below to download the app right away.

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A Brief Overview

Amazon Shopper Panel and Paperclip both offer rewards to users, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. With Paperclip, you can download our browser extension and automatically get coupons and cashback offers while shopping. You can also get offers for instant cash advances to help you pay for purchases.

Amazon Shopper Panel allows you to earn cashback and rewards, but you have to submit receipts and opt-in to Amazon ads to do so. Submitting your receipts for every purchase can be inconvenient and annoying. Instead of working to get more money, just get your offers with Paperclip with no added effort. Plus, it doesn’t require an invitation to use. With Amazon Shopper Panel, you’ll have to wait and see if you can get an invitation if you want to start using the program.

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Why People Choose Paperclip

Choosing Paperclip to save money just makes sense. When you want to save money on your shopping, Paperclip makes things as convenient as possible. No invitations or receipts are needed. You can start using it today and start saving money at your favorite stores. Here are some more reasons that people download Paperclip on their browsers.

Save on Your Purchases and Get Money Every Month

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Online shopping is great, but it’s even better when you can save some money on your purchases. If you like to stick to a budget, but also like to indulge in some spending every month, Paperclip can help. With our browser extension, you’ll get access to discounts, cashback rewards and much more. Our buy now pay later features also allow you to spread out purchase payments, so you can shop for the things you need now and fit them into your budget.

Get the Latest Promo Codes for Your Favorite Retail Stores

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Paperclip lets you access promo codes for all of your favorite retail stores. If your favorite store is having a sale, you’ll be able to take advantage of it. If a store releases a promo code for an event, you can access it from the Paperclip app on your browser. You’ll never miss out on savings again. You can always count on Paperclip to help you save on those online purchases

You Don’t Have To Upload Pictures of Your Receipts

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Unlike Amazon Shopper Panel, there’s no need to upload receipts to get the benefits of Paperclip. Amazon Shopper Panel asks you to upload a receipt whenever you purchase something outside of Amazon. This means remembering to get a receipt, remembering to upload that receipt before losing it and submitting your picture to the app. Instead of bothering with that process, you can just use Paperclip and get savings and promos for stores without the hassle.

Where Can You Use Paperclip?

So, we’ve learned that Paperclip can save you money at top retail stores thanks to our coupons and buy now pay later features, but where can you use this app? We’re glad you asked! There are plenty of places where you can use Paperclip and get the best deals possible. Here are a few stores to check out when you’ve downloaded the browser extension.

Old Navy

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Old Navy is known for offering affordable and fashionable clothes for everyone. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your kids or anyone else, you can save money at Old Navy using the Paperclip app. If you thought Old Navy was affordable before, wait until Paperclip helps you save even more money on the clothes you want and need.


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Walmart is everywhere and has just about everything you need. These superstores offer clothing, shoes, groceries, home décor, electronics, furniture appliances and much more. Walmart also offers these items at great, everyday low prices. You can make those everyday low prices even lower by using the Paperclip browser extension.


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Walgreens has you covered for medicine, cosmetics, hygiene products, food, photo services and more. With all the useful products Walgreens offers, it helps to save money on every purchase. You can count on Paperclip to highlight the best coupons and deals at Walgreens so you can save more.

And More Stores!

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These stores are just scratching the surface. If you’re shopping for clothing, groceries or nearly any other item, chances are Paperclip has some deals for you. It also offers our cash advance and buy now pay later options to make purchases easier. You can even build up your cash advance and access more money by watching educational finance videos. In short, Paperclip has everything you need for online shopping.

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