Get the Best Shopping Deals With Personalized Financial Offers

Paperclip is the browser extension that makes online shopping even better. When you’re wanting to split up payments on an expense or cover a bill with an instant cash advance, Paperclip has your back. The longer you use Paperclip, the better it gets. Paperclip will send you personalized financial offers, discounts, rewards, cashback, and more. Unlike other instant cash and buy now pay later solutions, Paperclip doesn’t require a credit check or hidden fees. We want to make easier money management more accessible and more intuitive for everyone. Just download our browser extension for Google Chrome or Safari, get your account linked up, and watch the magic happen. Ready to get started?

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Imagine that you’re shopping on your favorite online store and you find the perfect winter coat, a great pair of shoes, and some socks to boot. Winter is coming fast, but the price tag in your cart is a little higher than you expected. Fortunately, you have Paperclip on your side. You can open your Paperclip extension, choose our buy now pay later option, and make that expense much more manageable. Also, Paperclip just so happens to have a special discount offer for you because you’ve used our extension for a while now and we’ve gotten to know you. Does this sound too good to be true?

Lucky for you, it’s not! Paperclip is an intuitive browser extension that only gets better the more you use it. Setting up Paperclip only takes a few minutes and then you’ll get access to instant cash advances and buy now pay later features right away. As you use our extension, you’ll start getting personalized offers that make Paperclip even better. All you have to do is download our browser extension and get your account set up.

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Shop Smarter With Customized Offers & Discounts


Shopping on a budget has never been easier thanks to Paperclip. Our extension will prompt you with awesome offers and discounts as you shop, letting you shop smarter without the hassle. Why not save money on your purchases? With Paperclip, you don’t have to hunt for these discounts. We’ll send you personalized offers to match your shopping habits, making it easy for you to take advantage of the savings on the things you buy most. In addition to our special offers and discounts, you can take advantage of the aforementioned buy now pay later features. Buy now pay later is the perfect way to split up a purchase and make it easier to cover.

Even if you have the funds to cover the purchase, buy now pay later can make it easier to fit things into your budget. Instead of blowing your entire shopping budget on one purchase, you can spread that out over the course of months and be smarter about how you use your shopping budget. Best of all, Paperclip works for all the purchases that are important to you – whether that’s groceries, clothes, electronics, or anything else you shop for. When you use our instant cash back or our buy now pay later option, you get 12 months to pay us back, so there are no worries and no pressure. There are also no hidden fees or crazy interest rates that come with the money you borrow.

Learn How To Save Money


School is great, but it’s rare that they teach you the finance and money-saving knowledge you need when you get to the real world. Fortunately, there are resources like Paperclip to help you learn how to save money and budget. Paperclip comes with awesome finance advice videos to go with our cash and buy now pay later features.

But our videos are more than just a great way to learn how to be better with your money. We want to reward you for becoming a savvy spender, so each video you watch gets you rewards, cashback opportunities, and access to bigger cash advances. Who needs student loans when you can get paid to learn instead?

Get Finance Tips & More Insights

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As you use Paperclip, you can check out our finance tips and insights to sharpen your savings and finance skills to a fine point. We know what tools people need in the modern world of finance. Having everything online can be convenient, but it can also make it difficult to visualize your money. With Paperclip, we’ll help you get organized and get your finances under control. It all starts with linking your debit card and bank accounts to get started. From there, you’ll get access to instant cash advances and buy now pay later features for your bills and expenses. Additionally,

you can consolidate all of your bills in one place using Paperclip in your browser. Instead of hopping around different websites making your bill payments when they’re due, you can just pull up Paperclip and pay directly from your bank account. Or, if you’re short on funds, you can use Paperclip’s instant cash advance features to cover it. In short, Paperclip gives you everything you need. You’ll get to learn how to save money and budget, pay your bills, and get money when and where you need it. It really is that easy! If you’re ready to worry less about your bills and expenses, Paperclip is here to help.

Download Paperclip Today!

Everyone could use less stress in their lives, especially when that stress is coming from their finances. With Paperclip, you can manage your money, shop smart, cover expenses, and learn how to use your money to benefit you most. Add bonus features like cashback and rewards and downloading Paperclip quickly becomes the best decision you’ll make this year.

If you’re ready to take control of your money and stress less, download the Paperclip extension for Chrome or Safari today! We’re ready to show you what we can do.

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