Shop Smarter & Pay Bills Easier With Instant Cash Back

An instant cash advance can make life a lot simpler. Need to pay a bill but are short on funds? Get instant cash back and rewards. Want to pay for an online purchase but the price is a little intimidating? Get a cash advance and split the payments up! Not only does it make things easier, but it helps you stick to your budget too. The problem is, most instant cash advances come with fees, interest rates, and other annoying strings attached that don’t make much financial sense. Paperclip offers a better solution. With cash back from Paperclip, you get tons of time to pay us back and you don’t have to pay ridiculous fees and interest charges. In other words – it’s a cash back solution that makes sense. Interested in learning more? Download the Paperclip browser extension today!

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Paperclip makes budgeting easy, so we made sure it’s easy to use too. All you need to do is download our browser extension for Chrome or Safari and get your account set up. It just takes a few minutes. Once you’ve connected your debit card or bank account, you can start earning rewards and get cash instantly. Use our cash back feature to pay your bills on time when you’re a little short on money for the month. With Paperclip you never have to deal with late fees again.

You can also use Paperclip’s buy now pay later feature for online shopping. When you see something you love online – whether it’s new clothes, a gift for a friend, groceries, or pretty much everything else – you don’t have to pay for it all at once. Break that purchase up into smaller, more manageable payments. This lets you get the things you want or need without breaking the bank. The best part? Our extension works anywhere you shop online. Cover your favorite stores with buy now pay later and get your finances back on track. It’s that easy!

It all starts with downloading our browser extension.

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Pay Back Anytime Within 12 Months


There are plenty of reasons to use our buy now pay later features. We all know how tempting it can be to buy something online, even though you might not be able to afford it. But, if that payment was split into several smaller payments over time, you’d definitely be able to fit it into the budget. With Paperclip, you can cover that expense and pay it back in a time span that works for you.For our cash advances and buy now pay later purchases, we give you an entire year to pay us back. You’ll have 12 months from your purchase date to cover your loan without having to worry about annoying catches like hidden fees and ridiculous interest rates.

We know you’re used to buy now pay later apps coming with a bunch of strings attached, but Paperclip is the exception. We’ll make shopping online fun again. Just break up those payments, make paying for things easier, and stop worrying if you’ll be able to afford those winter boots you really want. It really can be that simple! We’ve got you covered when you’re needing some extra help, no questions asked.

Earn More Money & Watch Clips To Fully Cover Your Advance


With our Chrome extension, shopping online at your favorite stores is a breeze. Once you get to checkout, Paperclip will prompt you with your payment options. Needing to break up that birthday present cost and pay over a few months? No problem! It’s taken care of. Paperclip works for any online shop that allows you to pay with a card – which is basically any store on the Internet. In short, you can pretty much use Paperclip everywhere. You can get clothes, groceries, books, shoes, and anything else you might need.

One of the best things about our buy now pay later features is that you can now easily fit all of your purchases into your budget. It’s hard sticking to a strict budget when you want to buy something, but it puts you over budget for the month. With Paperclip, consider that budget unbroken. Just spread out those payments and your well-planned budget stays completely intact.

Link Your Debit Card & Bank Accounts To Get Your Cash Deposit


With Paperclip, there are no credit checks and long application processes to worry about. You can get going in minutes. Simply link your debit card and your bank accounts and you’ll get access to your cash deposits. You can request money to cover bills, shopping, and any other expenses you need online. While you’re at it, you can also link all of your billing accounts to Paperclip, helping you consolidate all of your bills in one place. Instead of jumping from site to site when your bills are due, you can just open your Paperclip browser extension, go to your bills, and pay them.

If you’re needing cash to cover your bill, it’s easy and convenient to earn right from our app. That’s just the beginning when it comes to Paperclip’s features. In addition to our cash back features, you can also get personalized offers for credit cards, banking, and more. Plus, you’ll get access to tons of deals and coupons at your favorite stores. With Paperclip, you’ll have all of the resources you need to take the stress out of finances and shop easier.

Get Cash Now To Cover Your Expenses


We know the feeling of dread that happens when your bills are coming up and your bank account isn’t ready for it. The panic sets in and you consider taking out a payday loan, dealing with the late fees from the billing company, or overdrafting your bank and dealing with the overdraft charges. None of these options are ideal. Instead of paying more for your bill with fees or interest from a payday loan, Paperclip gives you a much better option.

Get instant cash to cover those expenses and prevent yourself from going into more debt. With 12 months to pay us back, no hidden fees, and bonus features like cashback and rewards, there’s no reason to go with those other options anymore. Paperclip lets you cover those bills and big expenses so you can go back to focusing on enjoying life instead of worrying about money.

Download Paperclip Today!

Ready to try Paperclip out for yourself? In minutes, you can get access to instant cash back, buy now pay later features for your favorite online shops, coupons, rewards, and much more.

Download Paperclip for your Google Chrome or Safari browser today to get started!

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